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Brisket Recipes

I have always loved cooking and eating brisket!  It warms my heart, because brisket dinners remind me of family. At most Jewish holidays, we would always eat brisket! The first recipe here is the one my mother-in-law always made. It is delicious and reminds me of her every time I make it. The second recipe is one I created. I wanted to incorporate beer and looked in my pantry to see what ingredients I thought would complement each other. My creation ended being delicious!

Lettuce Wrap Recipe

Most Tuesday nights, I make some kind of Taco Tuesday dinner. Usually I go with a Mexican food theme, but, occasionally, I like to change it up.  Here is a recipe for an Asian themed Taco Tuesday option.

Meatball Recipe

When I was growing up, my mom made these meatballs. The Vernor’s ginger ale was a part of her upbringing. I believe her aunt came up with the combination, and it has been passed down for several generations. I like to eat them with buttered noodles.

Tri-tip Recipes

Tri-tip is a favorite roast that I like to make. Ever since I discovered these two ways of making it, I can never decide which one to do! I end up making the soy-cab version when it’s warmer so I can use the barbecue!

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