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Dessert is always something I look forward to! When I was growing up, I always told my parents that “my dessert pocket” was still open, even when I was too full to finish all of my dinner. I never needed a big dessert, just something sweet! I have a few favorites that I enjoy making, and I want to share them with you!

Bar & Cookie Recipes

Bars and cookies are always easy go-to treats for something sweet! If you end up making too many, you can always stick them into the freezer and grab one or two at a time. Three favorites in my house are delicious chocolate chip cookie bars, lemon bars, and simple sugar cookies! Lemon bars become especially popular when my lemon tree is abundant. I try to incorporate lemons into lots of recipes.

Cake Recipes

When I am baking for birthdays, holidays, or a large group, I love to bake cakes.  They are easy to transport and share with family and friends!  

Cobbler Recipe

Every summer, my mother-in-law made an amazing peach cobbler. She always started with fresh peaches right from her tree. She taught me tricks for peeling peaches. It was a painstaking process, but so worth it! Her peach cobbler topping was scrumptious: a perfect blend of sweet, salty, and buttery. I finally convinced her to tell me how she made it, and I was shocked at how simple it was! Over the years, I didn’t want to wait for summertime to make the cobbler so I tried using fresh frozen peaches. They worked perfectly and allowed me to make peach cobbler all year round!

Fruit Tart Recipe

My mom used to make a scrumptious fruit tart loaded with lots of fresh fruit and topped with a glaze made from her own homemade jam. When she gave me the recipe, I was surprised at how easy it was to make. She always made it on a round pizza pan. I have made it on a rectangular cookie sheet, as well as mini ones made in cupcake tins. It’s delicious any way, and, for me, it always brings back memories of summertime!

Muffin Recipe

I love baking muffins filled with delicious fresh fruit! They are an easy go-to breakfast or snack. I have tried many different recipes and learned from each one how to perfect my own versatile recipe. With this basic muffin recipe, you can add any fresh (or fresh frozen) fruit you desire.

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