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A Special Day

I admit, I love my birthday! For as long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed celebrating with family and friends.

I was born on January 1, 1967.

The story my parents always told me was that they were all dressed up to go to a fancy NYE party. My aunt and uncle were visiting from Detroit to go with them. My mom wasn’t due yet, so this was supposed to be a fun night on the town! However, I had other plans! I guess I decided to make my presence known early.

My mom went into labor, and bobby pins were flying out of her updo. My dad wanted me to be born on 12/31 for tax purposes, but I had something else in mind! His favorite expression was always: “she’s been costing me more money since the day she was born”. I made my appearance on the afternoon of January 1st! I liked to think that the whole world celebrated my birth - LOL.

Over the years, NYE was always a big deal, because - as soon as the clock struck midnight - everyone was still awake to wish me happy birthday!

I had never met anyone with my same birthday until my mom met my future step-dad. After that, my mom always made a big deal on January 1st, no matter how much everyone partied the night before or who was playing in the Rose Bowl game. She had the family over and made a big dinner, always making sure the food was something we both liked. She also always made two different birthday cakes to please each of us. It was a fun tradition!

I also met my husband right before NYE and got to celebrate my 22nd birthday with him! Little did he, or I, know at that moment that we would spend many, many more NYE and birthdays together!

I liked to think that the whole world celebrated my birth!

Fortunately, my wonderful husband understands (or at least accepts) the love I have for celebrating my birthday. He always makes me feel special and I thank him, and my kids, for getting on board with my birthday love and putting up with the fact that sometimes my birthday turns into a birthday month. Everyone deserves a birthday month!

To be honest, one of the primary reasons I love celebrating my birthday is that I get to celebrate another year surrounded by everyone in my life. I know getting older isn’t always a joy, but knowing that, every year, I have people who I love in my life is reason enough to celebrate big on my birthday! My birthday wish this year to all of you is that you stay safe, healthy, and happy! I also wish that everyone enjoys connecting with loved ones both near and far. Thank goodness for technology that allows us to stay connected during these unprecedented times!

So this year, on my birthday, I will raise a glass to each and every person in my life and celebrate my day with all of you! Here’s to a brighter 2021!

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