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Cookie Love

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

I love baking cookies. During COVID-19, I have definitely become more obsessed with my need to bake. It gives me something to do! I have my favorites: chocolate chip cookie bars, sugar cookies, lemon bars and cookies, and many more.

My family reaps the benefits of my constant baking, but they are starting to complain that they eat too many and will gain lots of weight at this pace. They say this in jest, but it made me think: Who else can benefit from my love of cookie baking?

Around that same time, a friend of mine told me about a National organization called Cookies For Caregivers. Volunteers bake lots of cookies, and then they are delivered to a local hospital. The caregivers there are so happy to get all the treats!

It made me think: Who else can benefit from my love of cookie baking?

I looked it up and found that they have a local group in LA! I contacted the local organizer and was delighted to learn that they needed volunteer bakers. I got started right away.

I baked four dozen of my famous chocolate chip cookie bars and four dozen lemon white chocolate chip cookies the first week. The next week, I baked eight dozen of two different types of cookies. This week, I will do it again.

I look forward to my weekly baking opportunity that, in turn, helps others. I love knowing that cookies bring smiles to so many people.

During this pandemic, so many people are tirelessly working so hard to help everyone else. Knowing that I am bringing a fraction of happiness to these caregivers brings such joy to me.

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