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My Other Favorite Pastime

Cooking truly is my favorite pastime, but I have to admit Dodgers baseball is a close second. There is nothing as great as sitting in the stadium on a beautiful evening right at sunset!

As I am sitting at the Dodgers game, I am reminded that baseball is truly my favorite sport to watch. I love the atmosphere, the fans, the junk food, and just the overall feeling of sitting in the stands and hearing the cheering!

I grew up a Dodgers fan. I had satin Dodgers shorts and a satin jacket to match. When Steve Garvey was at a local car dealership signing autographs, my mom took me to meet him. When I was in high school, my friends and I used to go early to the games and get players to autograph baseballs for us. We befriended the ball boys (who were our peers), and they helped get us signed balls, also.

Fortunately, I married a Dodgers fan! We have had a lot of fun going to games over our 30+ years being together. We’ve screamed loudly at big wins, felt frustrated at close calls, and been angry at tough losses. We also have fun watching games on TV and cheering loudly from home! I remember we watched a 22-inning game once! Luckily, our children have also become Dodgers fans! It was always fun taking them to games as they grew up.

We have had a lot of fun going to games over our 30+ years being together!

Last year was a tough season when we couldn’t be at the games because of COVID-19. The fun part, however, was seeing our cutouts on TV at every home Dodgers game. Sadly, our cutouts couldn’t be at the post-season games, but I still cheered loudly from home, especially when they won the World Series!

As I am writing this, I am sitting at home watching the Dodgers play in the second round of the playoffs, hoping they make it to the World Series again this year!

Before I was ready to share this post with all of you, unfortunately, the Dodgers' post-season run ended, and they aren’t going to repeat a World Championship title again this year.

Now, I will patiently wait during the off season until the first pitch is thrown on opening day…Go Dodgers!

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