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Spoiled and Grateful

There are days like today when I feel very lucky to be a Californian! It is November, the sun is shining, and I went for a walk by the beach...

To be honest, I have never lived anywhere other than California. I have enjoyed visiting cold places in the winter, but I've never experienced a true winter for a lengthy period of time. I admit, I am spoiled! During this crazy COVID-19 time, I am so very grateful that I can still see friends (outside and socially distanced, of course). We can take walks, sit by the fire pit at night, and even go to a park or the beach.

I admit, I am spoiled!

I am also forever grateful that all of this time at home has allowed me to do lots of cooking and to share some of my favorite recipes with all of you. This week, I made a chicken recipe that has become a family favorite! The lemon pepper chicken is easy to make, can easily be doubled, and is always bursting with flavor!

I love sharing other people’s favorite recipes on my site, as well. Please feel free to pass a favorite or two of yours along either by commenting here, filling out the contact form, or sending me an email. As another week comes to an end, I hope everyone can find reasons to feel spoiled and grateful during these unprecedented times!

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