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The Joys of Traveling

I love to travel! I love traveling with my husband, my family, and my friends.

I love boarding a plane, finding my seat, getting settled in, and departing on a new adventure. I love packing up the car, piling in the snacks, and hitting the road to a new destination. I love sitting on a train as it moves through cities and country sides and looking out the window to see the new sites. I love traveling on a boat, standing up on deck, looking for sea life, and admiring the spectacular scenery!

Basically, I love exploring somewhere new, visiting family and friends out of state/country, sitting at a beach, skiing down a mountain, walking through a museum, and just learning the history of a new city, state, and country.

I love exploring somewhere new!

Sadly, this year has put a halt on my travel bug. When our world came to a crashing pause, all of my travel plans were kiboshed. Instead, I learned to discover and explore new places in my own hometown. Fortunately, I live in a large city, so there are many outdoor places I’ve never been. It’s been fun feeling like a tourist in my own backyard. I have come to appreciate all the beauty around me.

I know this pandemic won’t last forever, and I have many years ahead of me to see the world, but there are still days when I ache to travel and get sad that I can’t. With that said, I admit, the pandemic hasn’t stopped me from researching and planning for future soon as it is safe to do so again! Plan with me: find travel itineraries for a variety of spots on Sights & Tastes.

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