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What Photos Mean to Me

Taking pictures has always been one of my favorite activities. I truly love capturing a moment in time so that I can remember it forever. Those moments can be of something I observe, something I do, or something that just touches me.

I honestly do make people (especially my family) crazy sometimes when I want to take their picture, but, often, they come back later and ask me for those pictures. In high school, I took a photography class in which I learned how to use a film camera, develop pictures, and create lasting images. I do still love film photography, although I don’t use the film camera anymore.

I have turned to digital photography, because it allows me to take as many photos as I want. I love being able to see, in the moment, that I captured the image the way my naked eye saw it. I love that I can take multiple shots and never run out of film. Although I enjoy taking pictures of scenery, I truly love taking pictures of my family and friends.

My house is full of framed photos that bring back so many memories. Every day, I get to relive some of my favorite times when I look at all the photos.

One of my favorite photo displays in my home is my photo of the month display. I have had this Lillian Vernon frame set for over 20 years, and, every month, over all the years, I have updated the pictures. I love finding the perfect memory from each month. In the beginning, it was my kids’ "firsts." Then, there were pictures from my kids’ school years and activities. As they grew up and went off to college, the pictures focused less on their daily activities and more on our family adventures and time spent with friends.

Every day, I get to relive some of my favorite times when I look at all the photos.

This past year has changed the ability to take photos of new adventures, but, thanks to FaceTime and Zoom, I have lots of screenshots from holidays and special occasions with family and friends! This is just another silver lining from this past crazy year. Now that 2021 has begun, I look forward to seeing what moments I will get to put into my frames this year!

To keep up with my photography, I encourage you to take some time to explore the rest of Sights & Tastes!

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