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I love traveling and exploring new places with my family and friends! As our children got older, our travels broadened, and we ventured farther.


In addition to going on the trips, I also love planning them! First, I spend hours learning about the places I’m going to visit and planning out our itinerary. As a general note, for many tours and hotels, I book them ahead of time through Tripadvisor and Viator. Then, once there, I record what I do every day so that I can always remember. I also write it all down so that I can share it with others if they are going to a place I’ve been. 


This travel section is intended to be a place where not only I share the itineraries that I created for our travels but also others’ itineraries are included as a reference. I always find it so helpful when someone shares what they have experienced firsthand. I hope you do, too! Therefore, please send me your itineraries that you’d like to share, and I will happily post them!

Amsterdam & Copenhagen



Spain & France


New Zealand.jpeg

New Zealand & Australia


Washington, D.C.

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