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Washington, D.C.


In 2010, when our kids were 12 and 15, we spent their spring break exploring Washington, D.C. I was thrilled to plan and go on this vacation, because I had never been before. The sights and history did not disappoint! Everything we did was great. I highly recommend walking to and around the monuments at night. It was amazing and my favorite part of the trip! As a tidbit: we didn’t drive or take a taxi anywhere. We took the Metro or walked. Also, there is a Newseum that was recommended, but we didn’t make it there. An additional bonus we experienced were the spectacular cherry blossoms!

My Itinerary

March 31

We arrived at midnight, so we didn’t get out until the afternoon

Check into The George Washington University Inn (now ARC THE.HOTEL)

Walk around National Mall **

  • There are tons of museums at the Mall--don’t feel like you need to do all of them

  • Our children really enjoyed the few we did

National Air and Space Museum

Washington Monument (outside)

  • If you don’t mind getting up early to get the elevator tickets, it is worth going to the top of the Washington Monument

Dinner at Luigi’s (permanently closed)

  • Food food but long wait

April 1

National Archives

  • Arranged through Congressman Howard Berman’s office before we left

Arlington National Cemetery

Walk around Georgetown

Dinner at Old Glory Barbecue (permanently closed)

  • Delicious Southern barbecue food

  • Great cornbread!

April 2

Mount Vernon

  • Had fun taking the Metro and public bus to arrive

  • Really enjoyable

  • Nice tour of the home and grounds

Lunch at Mt. Vernon Inn

Order in Chinese food for dinner from Magic Gourd

  • Good

Night walk to the Memorials: Lincoln, FDR, Jefferson

  • Really nice walk from The George Washington University Inn (now ARC THE.HOTEL)

  • Highly recommend night walk

April 3

Natural History Museum

  • Dinosaur 3D

  • Lunch at Museum Café

    • Good

Walk to White House  

  • Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get tickets to tour insideYou should definitely try and do this ahead of time if you can

Dinner at Elephant & Castle Pub

  • Very good

April 4

Went very early to get Washington Monument elevator tickets 

  • It was worth the early trip there in order to secure tickets to go to the top

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

  • Interesting but sad

  • We didn’t spend too much time there

Washington Monument elevator

Spy Museum

  • Fun!

  • Lunch at Spy Café

Dinner from Notti Bianchi (now NOTTI 824) in The George Washington University Inn (now ARC THE.HOTEL)

  • Good

April 5

Nationals baseball game

Walk to Georgetown 

Eat dinner at Martin’s Tavern

  • Good

April 6

Breakfast at Cup’a Cup’a at Watergate Building (the restaurant may be in a different location now)

  • Good

Capitol tour and Supreme Court tour

Lunch at Capitol cafeteria

US Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial) on the way to airport

Leave D.C.

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